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Black tea, white tea

I’ve only been back just a bit longer than I was gone, but my trip already seems a distant memory. There are many things I’ll miss about London- specifically the British vernacular and sense of humor.

I didn’t find London to be much of a culture shock as compared to New York. However, it was far more polite and quiet during the afternoon hours. I loved the quaintness of the neighborhoods and the Brit’s enthusiasm for tea (white tea is black tea with milk in it).

Mostly I just wish I could continue calling the bathroom “the loo” in the US without sounding like a pretentious hag. Calling it “the toilet” as they do many other Western Europe countries rubbed my puritanical American sensibilities. However, saying it in French somehow felt less vulgar… I digress. I took many photos while I was there. Thought it’d be nice to share some… London and Paris, through my lens.


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February 8, 2013 · 9:36 pm

Independence: A Day in East Austin

On July 4th the streets of East 6th Street are empty. The bars are closed for the day or won’t open for at least a few more hours. This is when I want to be here. Skip the crowds. Imagine the frenetic, yet still laid back energy of the place without actually being in the middle of it all.

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