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Marriage Equality Opening Day

On July 24th, 2011, I spent a few hours hanging out outside the NY City Clerks office to document those who celebrated and made official their state-recognized legitimacy as married couples. Many of the couples I spoke to had been together at least 10 years, some as many as 20. It was a wonderfully joyous day and I thank the couples I spoke with for sharing their stories with me. I will be posting more detailed stories of New Yorkers who have tied the knot with their spouses over the next month.

I loved this couple whose friend threw rose petals for their grand exit.

A street shot across the street from the City Clerks office. Many couples wore similar or matching outfits.

Michael and Jeffry have been together for 26 years. I caught them right before they went inside to make it official. Congrats gentlemen!


Here are a few other couples I met that day.

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Hannah + John Wedding Weekend

On May 29th, 2011 my good friend Hannah married John, her beau of over 5 years. I got to be the bonus photographer, meaning the unofficial photographer for the weekend. Theirs was a unique wedding- not just a day, but a long weekend at a camp near Rhinebeck, NY. The camp holds special significance to John who went there as a kid, and his sister is now the acting camp director. Hannah and John did a great job making it a fun weekend for all the guests as well as incorporating their personalities into each event. There were campfires and s’mores Friday and Saturday nights, along with a talent show after the rehearsal dinner where Hannah’s friends and family performed improv, sang an original song, and even did magic. Plus, they strived to make everything they could environment-friendly or bought locally. Two examples: Instead of mailing paper invitations they sent email invites; and Hannah’s dress was handmade by a Brooklyn dressmaker! It was definitely the most original wedding I’ve ever been to, and I can honestly say I haven’t danced that much in years. So much fun!  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day of the ceremony!

During the ceremony, a strong wind blew the chuppah off its poles… but the show must go on.

Here are some fun pre-wedding details. Hannah and John incorporated traditions from many cultures into their ceremony. Borrowed from a Victorian English tradition, Hannah put six pence in her left shoe for good luck.

Instead of having bridesmaids with matching dresses, Hannah’s best friends served as the bridal party and her brother as her “man of honor”. The bridal party wore these as corsages and hair pieces, which were hand-made by one of her best friends and bridal party member.

The reception tables had a NYC subway theme that also fit into their larger theme of sustainability: The different trains marked the tables, and recycled Metrocards doubled as name cards and glass markers (not shown). Instead of having flowers which would ultimately be thrown away, the potted flowers and plants centerpieces were later planted in the memorial garden named for John’s father who recently passed away.

John and Hannah were kind enough to let me take some couples portraits of them during the reception. These three are my favorites.

At the reception, they were hoisted up for the chair dance, a fun Jewish tradition. By that point I was ready to take my photographer hat off and put my party hat on. Congrats again John and Hannah!

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