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Family Photos: They call me “Tater”.

Last weekend, I went to Dallas to hang out and take photos of Rebecca, aka Tater, the coolest two-year-old I’ve ever met. Tater is the daughter of my college friends, Shawn and Jennifer. Last fall, Tater was diagnosed with leukemia. Now on long-term maintenance, she is getting back to the business of being a kid. A kid who takes chemo and steroids on the reg, but still a kid. Shawn and Jennifer are taking things with great stride and strength.

Some of Tater’s favorite things include blowing/popping bubbles, her Hello Kitty rain boots, The Lorax DVD, princess shoes, hats, and fun sunglasses.

Here are some shots of our fun afternoon at their home and in downtown Roanoke after a calorie-free lunch of fried chicken and actual mashed taters with gravy.

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Family Photos: Chandy, Zach, Rocco and Bru

Zach, my friend since HS, and his fiancee, Chandy, asked me to do family portraits last week. Although it’s not my main photo business offering, I have a lot of fun doing family portraits when I’m asked by friends. I did portraits for Chandy and Zach late last year when Bru was still in the cooker. Now that Bru is here and Rocco is getting bigger, it was time to do it again!

I went with some structured shots in mind, but I typically tend to just see what happens beyond the poses. Here are some of my faves đŸ™‚

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Yoga Teacher Headshots… I do those!!

Hey all you yoga teachers out there in Austin!!

Yoga teacher training is challenging. Then finding a place to teach can be even harder. Great head shots can help you market yourself as you build a student base or get onboard with studios around town.

My friend, Kat, turned this photo

 Into this!

Check out these additional shots of Kat and Chantal below. Then email me to discuss details (pricing, etc.) I can’t wait to help you take your teaching practice to the next level!

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Occupy Austin- Profile: Ian

Today I was only able to make it out there for an hour, and I unfortunately missed the March on Bank of America. The protesters I talked to said it was a success and the police officers have been extremely nice and helpful throughout. The vibe is still really positive, although the crowd was a bit smaller today when I was there, as compared to yesterday. Larger crowds are expected over the weekend.

To emphasize and highlight the diversity among the protesters, I will profile 1-2 people I meet each time I visit Occupy Austin. Today I spoke with two men with very different backgrounds and personalities, but similar sentiments, who shared their thoughts with the crowd. This is Ian.

Ian is an artist and activist, and the quintessential image of what Occupy Wall Street critics and the media would like to portray all of Occupy Wall Street to look like. He has been shown on at least two segments on Fox News, and while he concedes some excitement about being on TV, he understands why he is being targeted. Ian is aware that his look is “weird”, even for Austin standards. However, what the media coverage doubtfully included is his ideology and message. He is one of many “occupiers” who knows the movement must be solution-oriented in order to make real impact. Ian is involved in the alternate currency movement, which is working to establish a medium of payment and trade not based on the current dollar system controlled by the Federal Reserve and its policies, but one that is created by the people and local communities. According to Ian, this shift will cause “quality to become the focus [when producing consumer goods], as opposed to mass production”. This can also take the form of time and services, such as time bank systems set up by municipalities and community groups. (TimeBanksNYC is just one example of this type of system.)

Ian has been an Austinite since December of 2010, and grew up in Vermont. However, in 2009, at the age of 19, Ian set off to travel around the country. During his travels he discovered the Rainbow Gathering, a network with communities all over the country, based on unconditional love and mutual respect for all, regardless of creed, race, political leanings, etc. Additionally, he has built houses for those in need and worked on over 10 garden projects across the country.

Next up: Sterling

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