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Do Not Feed the Alligators

Esteemed fashion photographer for the New York Times, Bill Cunningham, said “He who seeks beauty finds it”. While he so adroitly documents fashion trends among the fabulous and unknown fashion pioneers on NYC streets, I am inspired to take this philosophy in a different direction.

In the past few months of living in Texas again I’m drawn to abandoned structures, cultural remnants, and the quirky activities of southern rural populations which can be seen on the side of highways. I’ve been on many short road trips to Houston and Dallas recently, along with a longer trip to New Orleans last weekend. I’ve tacked full hours, sometimes more, onto these trips by pulling over to take photos of things I stumble upon along the way. Many of these are structures and former enterprises which have been left and forgotten, yet have taken on a new beauty or poignancy that they perhaps didn’t have when they were in active use. Many of my favorites can be found in my portfolio, and can be purchased there. However, I will feature a series here on the blog as well.

After exiting I-10 somewhere between Beaumont and Houston I found a bird and alligator habitat preserve (and swamp) on my drive back from New Orleans this past Tuesday. I did not see any gators, but the mosquitos were plentiful. The swamp trees were creepily beautiful.


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