Family Photos: They call me “Tater”.

Last weekend, I went to Dallas to hang out and take photos of Rebecca, aka Tater, the coolest two-year-old I’ve ever met. Tater is the daughter of my college friends, Shawn and Jennifer. Last fall, Tater was diagnosed with leukemia. Now on long-term maintenance, she is getting back to the business of being a kid. A kid who takes chemo and steroids on the reg, but still a kid. Shawn and Jennifer are taking things with great stride and strength.

Some of Tater’s favorite things include blowing/popping bubbles, her Hello Kitty rain boots, The Lorax DVD, princess shoes, hats, and fun sunglasses.

Here are some shots of our fun afternoon at their home and in downtown Roanoke after a calorie-free lunch of fried chicken and actual mashed taters with gravy.

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