Montage: I’m still here.

In the past six months I’ve taken photos for friends, work and other events and the sake of art. I’ve been a terrible blogger, but at least I made up for it by being a passable graduate student… Is what I’m telling myself. Before I disappear back into my graduate student cave, here are some of my best shots since school started.

The artsy/un-eventy ones can be purchased as prints- send me an email to order.

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March 4, 2014 · 11:18 pm

Swanky May

It’s event season in NYC, and I’ve been busy! On April 29th, I had the pleasure of shlepping my gear out to Woodmere, a small Long Island suburb, to take photos for the Lawrence Woodmere Academy Spring Fundraiser. I’ve never seen such a spirited live auction! The auctioneer asked a donor what it would take to double his contribution of a weekend at his vacation home. At the crowd’s request, the auctioneer took off his very expensive shirt and auctioned it to the highest bidder! All in good fun and for a great cause- why not?!

LWA 105

LWA 132

LWA 160

LWA 217

LWA 218 LWA 220

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Black tea, white tea

I’ve only been back just a bit longer than I was gone, but my trip already seems a distant memory. There are many things I’ll miss about London- specifically the British vernacular and sense of humor.

I didn’t find London to be much of a culture shock as compared to New York. However, it was far more polite and quiet during the afternoon hours. I loved the quaintness of the neighborhoods and the Brit’s enthusiasm for tea (white tea is black tea with milk in it).

Mostly I just wish I could continue calling the bathroom “the loo” in the US without sounding like a pretentious hag. Calling it “the toilet” as they do many other Western Europe countries rubbed my puritanical American sensibilities. However, saying it in French somehow felt less vulgar… I digress. I took many photos while I was there. Thought it’d be nice to share some… London and Paris, through my lens.


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February 8, 2013 · 9:36 pm

Family Photos: They call me “Tater”.

Last weekend, I went to Dallas to hang out and take photos of Rebecca, aka Tater, the coolest two-year-old I’ve ever met. Tater is the daughter of my college friends, Shawn and Jennifer. Last fall, Tater was diagnosed with leukemia. Now on long-term maintenance, she is getting back to the business of being a kid. A kid who takes chemo and steroids on the reg, but still a kid. Shawn and Jennifer are taking things with great stride and strength.

Some of Tater’s favorite things include blowing/popping bubbles, her Hello Kitty rain boots, The Lorax DVD, princess shoes, hats, and fun sunglasses.

Here are some shots of our fun afternoon at their home and in downtown Roanoke after a calorie-free lunch of fried chicken and actual mashed taters with gravy.

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Family Photos: Chandy, Zach, Rocco and Bru

Zach, my friend since HS, and his fiancee, Chandy, asked me to do family portraits last week. Although it’s not my main photo business offering, I have a lot of fun doing family portraits when I’m asked by friends. I did portraits for Chandy and Zach late last year when Bru was still in the cooker. Now that Bru is here and Rocco is getting bigger, it was time to do it again!

I went with some structured shots in mind, but I typically tend to just see what happens beyond the poses. Here are some of my faves :)

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Independence: A Day in East Austin

On July 4th the streets of East 6th Street are empty. The bars are closed for the day or won’t open for at least a few more hours. This is when I want to be here. Skip the crowds. Imagine the frenetic, yet still laid back energy of the place without actually being in the middle of it all.

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Yoga Teacher Headshots… I do those!!

Hey all you yoga teachers out there in Austin!!

Yoga teacher training is challenging. Then finding a place to teach can be even harder. Great head shots can help you market yourself as you build a student base or get onboard with studios around town.

My friend, Kat, turned this photo

 Into this!

Check out these additional shots of Kat and Chantal below. Then email me to discuss details (pricing, etc.) I can’t wait to help you take your teaching practice to the next level!

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